Design Objectives

The objective of Micro Class is to design a system containing a portable (modular based) UAV and launching system within specified packaging requirements. Aircraft will be launched either by hand, or by use of an engineered launching system without the use of a runway for takeoff. In either case, the entire system must be contained within the specified packaging requirements.

Micro Class aircraft will be tasked with carrying the highest payload fraction possible while simultaneously pursuing the lowest empty weight possible. High performance and operational availability are critical through the entirety of the competition.

Micro class will be divided into 3 phases as follows

Phase 1: Technical report Teams will electronically submit their proposals for competition detailing how their design has met or exceeded the design requirements.
Phase 2: Technical Presentation and Inspection
Phase 2A – Aircraft ease of assembly must be demonstrated (timed event).
Phase 2B – Oral Presentation on Concept Demonstrator
Phase 3: Flight Competition