Welcome To The University of Akron's Aero Design Team

We are a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) collegiate team that engineers light-weight, high payload carrying remote control airplanes for the purpose of competing against other collegiate teams from all over the world. Our members typically consist of a wide range of engineering, science, mathematics, and technology undergraduate and graduate programs. We are a non-discriminatory team, though, so anyone interested in airplanes can join. The competitions are sponsored and run by Lockheed Martin twice a year. Teams are challenged with creating one or more planes out of three classes: Micro, Regular, and Advanced. Each class has a different set of rules and criteria that must be met to be able to compete and be awarded points, but the general goal is simple: engineer a payload-efficient remote control airplane. As a member of the University of Akron Aero Design Team, one will learn what it takes to engineer a competitive airplane from scratch. Members are subjected to the entire engineering process; from design to budgeting finances and construction. The University of Akron Aero Design Team is one of the more competitive teams that compete each year. We are known for our blue and yellow planes, and leave our competition knowing to fear the Roo!

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Competition Classes

Micro: The smallest airplane class that a team can compete in, Micro Class requires that a remote control airplane be designed and constructed to be propelled by an electric motor, fit a specified size case, and be able to be assembled and flight ready in a specified amount of time all while still meeting the light weight, high payload flight capable requirement.
Micro Rules

Regular: The next largest airplane class up from micro class, Regular Class requires that a remote control airplane be designed and constructed to a specific sum of length, width, and height dimensions; no fiber reinforced polymers can be used in its construction; and the engine that can be used is specified all while maintaining the light weight, high payload flight capable requirement.
Regular Rules

Advanced: Advanced Class remote control airplane has no size restriction. It requires a data acquisition system and a telemetry device to transmit data live to the team while the plane is in motion. On top of being light weight and carrying as large a payload as possible up to the restricted weight limit, the airplane must carry an additional payload to a specific altitude and drop the payload within a specified target area.
Advanced Rules